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The Cereal Way is now on sale in USA!!!
We, Osprey International Inc., is pleased to announce
that The Cereal Way Series made now first foot print
in USA.

The Cereal Way,
non-fried healthy instant noodle
series is our core product which has already great
reputation in Chinese market.

The product use only the
best quality wheat together
with our non-fried production technology and
equipment,which not only avoids harmful
substances caused by high
temperature but also retains
natural nutrition and flavor
of the wheat.     
Low fat and
low calories but rich in edible
fibres, protein and minerals,
the on-fried healthy instant
noodle represent the perfect integrity of
"feeding on
cereal in the natural way"
, which fully overthrew the
traditional concept that fast food can cause nutrition

                    "The Cereal Way" is leading a
                    green revolution in noodle
                    manufacturing industry.   

This series is available in major Chinese supermarket
and some retailer with nation-wide network.

Please enjoy its new taste and feel our innovative
Non Fried !!
TV Commercials are now on broadcast at
Chinese channel.
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